Shortly after they have managed to assist their, Sumi establish romantic ideas to your your however, decides to maybe not state the woman like

Shortly after they have managed to assist their, Sumi establish romantic ideas to your your however, decides to maybe not state the woman like

Very first, Kazuya was pushy towards the Ruka. Once the guy learned that she thought Chizuru getting a beneficial rental-girlfriend, the guy attempted to lie so you’re able to the girl to eliminate any possible worry off her gossiping regarding their phony relationships. Ruka had misconceptions one Kazuya are a shallow people; individual who merely desired to possess feeling of having an excellent soulmate. Immediately following Kazuya spared their from a trip and gave aside terms and conditions out-of genuine hobbies, she actually starts to start on your.

Her standing managed to make it so their center does not defeat while the fast because a consistent individual. It had been only immediately after Kazuya spared their, you to she experienced as if sticking with him is the you’ll provider. Afterwards, she pertains to deal with the fact that it is unrequited love she thought with the him and attempts to see an approach to separate both your and you can Chizuru so the girl having your the to have by herself. Ruka had also gone much to quit this lady jobs as a beneficial leasing partner and you can accompanied Kazuya be effective in the same members of the family karaoke that have your. That it manipulative thoughts makes Kazuya’s feeling to your Chizuru becoming crumbled because of the girl attraction. Regardless of if Kazuya constantly managed to remove themselves back into keep their thoughts into Chizuru.

Sumi Sakurasawa

As per demand because of the Chizuru, Kazuya decided to go with the a habit big date with Sumi. To start with, he had issues adapting to help you this lady once they first fulfilled, because of just how shut and you will bashful she is actually. The guy experimented with bringing the girl playing factors to aid this lady, however, so you’re able to no get; usually finish that have both are embarrassed of exactly how intimate they can bemunicating which have signal words, face expressions and you can limited talking, Kazuya noticed that she’s seeking to the girl finest to switch by herself and you will assist the girl inside finding their mission; one step at once.

She actually is willing to help Kazuya as he is in need, especially when he needs advice for their and you can Chizuru’s matchmaking.

Yoshiaki Kibe

An almost childhood buddy away from Kazuya. They knew one another way back within the preschool. Kazuya is usually in attack from Kibe’s cruel but friendly statements about the females he or she is immediately after.

The guy, Kazuya and you can Ignore commonly hang out along with her at school or after they. Because the guy understands their granny, Kazuya and you will Chizuru needed to carry on with this new phony relationship, to ensure the grandmothers’ do not learn the basic facts.

During the beach vacation, Kibe pointed out that Kazuya has situation discussing Mami’s separation rather than offered Chizuru’s impression. As a result, Kibe is outraged of the Kazuya’s behavior and entitled him aside to possess getting indecisive. Despite not knowing the real characteristics from Kazuya and you may Chizuru’s relationships, the guy stuck-up to have him since a buddy and you can showed the guy cared from the him because of the speaking with Chizuru on the resettling the relationship that have Kazuya.

Because he’s unaware out-of Kazuya and you can Chizuru’s real relationships, Kibe are blissfully unaware of exactly how his methods i where Kazuya worked with no notion of the results.

Avoid Kuribayashi

Kazuya’s friend of school. The guy, Kazuya, and you may Kibe commonly spend time together with her at school or just after it. Just like Kibe, the guy also wants to discuss Kazuya’s activities having girlfriends.

Their relationship having Ignore nearly getting ripped apart whenever Kazuya try involved having Ruka and you may got busted getting the woman just like the their rental wife. However, Kazuya able to amend it by simply making Avoid in order to book Chizuru while the a keen apology, that have no options however, so you’re able to morale him you to even the woman is their rental spouse, maybe not the true you to definitely. Shun try touched from this and you will promised to store Kazuya and you can Chizuru’s link to become a key.

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