Many thanks for the hyperlink, would have to take a visit as Iaˆ™d like to discover Albanian

Many thanks for the hyperlink, would have to take a visit as Iaˆ™d like to discover Albanian

Hey Anxhela! I was fortunate to own encountered the opportunity to go to the south ultimately this past Sep aˆ“ Saranda and Himare, also Gjirokaster and Berat. Getting excited about doing some more searching considerably subsequent summertime too. Definitely hook up aˆ“ you can find me personally on Instagram and

No doubt that tourist in Albania could enrich greatly challenging good click it was getting aˆ“ so better to reunite prior to later 🙂

Elson Farka

Great post! Within the movie about learning Albanian code on the web, the lady is definitely not Albanian and also the keywords she pronounces are particularly incorrect! Merely stating 😀 we have found my personal web page, thanks a lot


Many Thanks, Elson. Have acquired a number of responses about this but there is however absolutely no way i possibly could ever realize that.


I will be at this time in Albania in winter season (i understand, everyone states going in summertime but I can just manage to travelling in cold weather, caused by low priced off-peak flights) and I would highly recommend heading directly to Rozafa palace as soon as you arrive in Shkodra aˆ“ that way you will get an amazing view of the complete city to start off some time indeed there. Making use of buses, I wanted to go from Shkodra to Tirana and folks had been beautiful and thrilled to aim me toward the aˆ?bus stopaˆ? and also as I was roaming along side street we the good news is seen a minibus with aˆ?Tiranaaˆ? within the windows aˆ“ you merely wave in the drivers and they will pull over for your family. Unfortuitously i actually do perhaps not talk the words, but I managed to talk to a small grouping of young adults (okay, i possibly could speak to one guy whom spoke some English) on the coach who were really into me personally because Im a tourist :] the only challenge that I’ve had so far got when an adult man have on the bus, 5 minutes later the guy became truly upset and yelled at you (the students visitors) aˆ“ everything usually the one associated with the young guys mentioned was actually aˆ?he possess an issue with usaˆ? directed from themselves in my experience. I’m not sure exactly what the complications is, as I cannot determine what these were stating, but after that no-one wild speak to me. Can individuals let me know just what hairball? We had been not loud, we were just consuming broken English. As I have got to Tirana (from Shkodra a minibus was 400 leke, in fact it is not as much as a‚¬4) two college students tried to help me to discover my personal hostel, following whenever they couldn’t they asked two complete strangers, thus I ended up being escorted towards the street by 4 female! These people were all thus beautiful! (generated a great change!). Edibles to use: Tavekosi (mutton, yoghurt and rice baked) and ferges (mozzarella cheese recipe aˆ“ vegan or with chicken). Should you decide head to Albania quickly, choose Tirana into the bunker (ask around for your bunker with 135 rooms aˆ“ it is simply open for just two several months, very everyone understands about it) aˆ“ you can acquire a free aˆ?bunkartaˆ? bus there, or bring a standard coach for 2 euro. The bunker is closed for a number of many years possesses temporarily started started and is also no-cost aˆ“ so run before it closes once again! I like along with from the houses aˆ“ some homes need only a splash of colour, whereas people are many various tones! When it comes to when to get, summer might be additional perfect, in case (anything like me) which is not feasible Im here in December therefore the climate is fairly hot and slight and hostels continue to have beautiful folks in all of them, so why not get?

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