How can I apply for a cash flow loan?

How can I apply for a cash flow loan?

Cash is king and there is no time to waste! We keep the application process simple from start to finish, so that you can maintain focus where it matters – on running your business. In order to apply, choose which cash flow product you wish to apply for and:

• Step 1 – Provide us with: Your registered office address and business name, the number of months or years you’ve been trading, your average monthly turount you are looking to borrow.

• Step 2 – So that we can get in touch with you to discuss your arrangement, please supply your full name, position in the business, phone number and email address

• Step 3 – Carefully read through our terms and conditions and click ‘get my quote’. After your application has been submitted it will be reviewed by one of our account managers.

• Step 4 – Once we find the best lender for your business, you will make contact to discuss the terms of the loan agreement. After being signed by both parties, the cash flow finance will be paid into your business bank account in 24 hours.

Am I eligible for a cash flow loan?

Cash flow loan products are some of the easier products to get approved for. We can help you secure a merchant cash advance or a business loan if you meet the following basic requirements:

  • Your business is registered in the UK
  • It has been actively trading for 6 months
  • You are over the age of 18
  • A minimum monthly turnover or card sales that average ?5,000

What businesses apply for a cash flow loan?

Any type of business can struggle from cash flow problems, regardless of size. At SME Loans we try to cater to businesses of all sizes from many different industries. We routinely receive applications from a variety of business types, inlcuding:

What are the benefits of cash flow lending?

Cash flow lending differs considerably from asset based lending. With this approach, there is no need to provide security for the loan which means you can keep your company assets safe. This funding solution has proved to have a positive impact on business growth. Businesses can benefit from:

1. Quick access to funds. Because no valuation is necessary to obtain the loan, applications can be approved far quicker and funding can be received in just 24 hours. This can be useful if you need to manage business cash flow debt quickly and efficiently.

2. Short repayment terms. As a short-term funding option, you can expect to pay the loan back over a shorter period of time, between 1 – 3 years. If you repay your loan over a fixed short period of time this can help with your credit score.

3. Keep repayments in sync with cash flow. Choosing the merchant cash advance product, business’ only ever pay back a small percentage of daily card sales. This is quite a practical solution for businesses that are seasonal or have quiet periods of trading.

Online application. There’s no need to wait weeks on end for an appointment, the application process can be completed entirely online and over the phone. The application is simply designed and can be completed in minutes. There are no fees charged for applying.

Cash flow-based lending enables businesses to borrow money based on its expected future cash flows. Through an analysis of your business’ financial health (including credit history), the amount borrowed is determined largely by the business’ capacity to generate cash flows both in the past and future.

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