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Now deleted and only using Bet365. Disgusting policy regarding the voiding of bets, why give you the option of placing a try/goal scorer of someone who is not in the match day squad?

  • I get that companies don’t like losing your business and want to keep you like cable tv sky virgin media or whoever but people don’t commit suicide over losing a tv package they do over gambling.
  • For starters, sites always freezing where litterly you have to keep restarting your phone everytimr you come on this site as it messes with your whole Internet browser.
  • A few months ago, I invested my money in and due to their poor credibility, I was devastated by the cryptocurrency experience.
  • Think i am going to give them a miss from now on.
  • Guys whos money was stolen by betfred before?
  • The withdrawals go through very quickly, haven’t had a problem with this company, highly recommended.

The documents request is everywhere as a policy and I find it fair enough if you have big wins especially. I won with them around pound on live casino so far and must say the payout was quick the live support was helpful and I agree the verification of documents could be quicker but all this bad reviews are unclear for me. Not sure when my time is up, if I will return, but read what everyone has to say about this Casino. I signed up for their promo on Facebook as a brand new customer, I deposited £5 and instantly they closed my account without reason. It has happened to a lot of people after reading the reviews. They didn’t even return the money. I’m glad it was only £5, can you imagine depositing a high amount.

Their policy states they can close accounts whenever they want. If you have money in your account, just make sure you withdraw every penny because if they close your account, they keep the money. Live chat have not got a clue what they are doing in fact the whole company is a joke they do not have a clue what they are doing, and at the end of the day this is my money being messed about with . Allows you to deposit and play but then hits with verification checks when you try to withdraw. One of the checks is to send a photo of your debit card with ALL the numbers showing!! No other online bookie asks for this, they all allow you to block out the middle numbers for security. There is absolutely no reason for Leovegas to require you send them your full debit card numbers and every bank will tell you not to do it.I see they are replying with copy & pasted responses quoting some GDPR rubbish.

Put a bunch of bets down in the first couple weeks, ended up not quite breaking even, and then wake up to see $420 of my $575 gone from my account. New to this site and wished I had read reviews before hand. If you like a spin on slots then stay away from this money grabbing con merchants after just a few deposits, the spins were so bad I closed my account. What’s the point of accepting a stake then sending to trader and bet getting accepted and then restricting you ?

Was processed almost straight away. Money was in my bank the next day. Wasn’t asked for ID before withdrawal. Paddy Power have done the same to me.

Betsafe Bonuses

However, I use them pretty much on a daily basis, for my horse race bets which I place daily usually around £5 per bet. This review, and my betting with them, is confined to horse racing only.Quinn offer best odds guaranteed, from 8.30am on the morning of the race. Unfortunately that takes them out of the ever dwindling number of bookies who offer BOG the evening before. However, Quinn’s stand out offering is to offer money back on all races if your choice finishes second to the favourite, except where the fav is lower than 6-4 and/or there are 5 or less runners. This facility is available all day on the day of the race, and is a good one. Slightly marred by the limitations on the use of the free bet, which is not BOG and must be used within 7 days.

Signed up lost my bet and got no free bet as stated I would on sign up. Sites like this are obviously on there way out. Not worth the headache and unusual odds on games somethings not right here. Bonuses are getting canceled without giving an explaination even after asking several times.They seem to attract you by this offers to just cancel them anytime they want since it is written in the conditions that they do not need a reason. Best of the best no matter how many Casinos I try I always Comme back to Royal Panda why? You do win and when you do they pay quick no fuss of course you need your papers to be in order ID,list of choices in the slots the graphics are up to par.Please don’t change Royal Panda.

After being with them for under two weeks I had a call from Connor expressing concerns over my betting activity. Not I may add because I was losing, I was way up, but because they understood that an issue may occur.


I have to agree with all the bad reviews on here. Betting absolutely fine, games and casino absolutely shocking. The games run so laggy and slow and then crash and auto shut the app down, this tends to happen whenever the timer for daily bonus gets near so you can’t win it. I also wanted to check the winnings so spent 380 quid playing on a single game, I unlocked 2 features and whenever they dropped, not very often the most money won was £3. The highest amount paid out was £7 at any point. So yes very unlucky to win as whenever hourly, daily jackpots are due they crash you out, and features basically get you sweet fa.

  • Very disappointed with this site now,before this site was my favourite ,love playing with most games …recently just keep loosing.Didnt give nothing scatter ,or even bonus ….Dont think I playing again in here I will.go somewhere else..
  • So now I can’t access the site and they already have the money I lost, plus the money I just put and haven’t played yet.
  • Its nice to see good people trying to help.
  • Use the other platforms, save Your Time and effort.
  • Betfred has stole £16,000 from a customer and refused to return this money until took betfred to court!

Avoid this lot is my shout.Mickey Mouse Mansionbet. Won a few hundred pounds from different football bets and i have always received my money within 2 hours and always seem to be receiving free bets, no complaints from me. After 3 days of opening my account, they sent me an email saying that they will not accept my bets anymore. This happened because I won 70 dollars in a day.

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In my humble but quite experienced opinion, this poker and casino site is as BENT as they come. Every other flop is paired, river often provides losing hands (held and played very strangely by “players” who suck out over 90% of the time) with outs often representing less than 1%. Sets vs overSets is practically every showdown. Straights hashiny cloud mining are a special every minute surety. This poker deal, Unibet as a whole, eCogra’s terrible RNG and the toothless UKGC need thorough investigation. Rake is high, loyalty almost non existent and software liable to crash regularly. No deposit bonus for poker, any deposit bonus, for amounts only a degenerate would make, links to casino.

If you knew how much length Leovegas goes into stopping your withdraw you would never sign up to them. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Prediction, this company will closed in most countries by the end of 2022. The site is a scam as you wont earn 2x or even 1.5x your investment. You will be lucky if you even make back your original ‘investment’. In fact I will go as far as suggesting you wont even be able to withdraw once mining cryptocurrency wallets for beginners has completed after 2 years.. I calculated that after 2 years I would have less that my original investment and that would be below their minimum withdrawal limit, I raised this with their support team who instead of helping suggested I gave them more money! – Classic Ponzi scheme technique, as if I am going to give them more money when they are not even going to give me back what I have already given them.

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Only downside is the pricing being very much led by Betfair prices, only events covered by them are priced up, and the inevitable severe reduction in stakes allowed. I was misled in making first deposit, of course they didn’t give me £30 bonus. Therefore I made a dispute on PayPal, dispute was closed by PayPal and at all betfred closed my account with opened bet for today’s match.

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They give you a nice bonus when you sign up. But they never pay out this bonus because it’s impossible to meet the requirements.

Please, please make these guys run out of business by advising anyone you know NOT to make an account with them. I deposit 500$ and now try to withdraw 500 or 1000. I sent everything they asked me to send except social security number. They will not let me withdraw my fffffng money !!!! WORST CASINO ONLINE DONT TRUST THE 10/10 REVIEWS ONLINE THEY ARE PAID WRITTERS. Very disappointed with this site now,before this site was my favourite ,love playing with most games …recently just keep loosing.Didnt give nothing scatter ,or even bonus ….Dont think I playing again in here I will.go somewhere else.. Dont know why people complain about this site.Its the best out there.They dont have many bonus events like others and they screwed me up with my first time deposite bonus but i still consider it fair & trustworthy site.

When I first used this site I found it satisfactory but obviously far below the main sites like bet365. What I liked about it was it has a decent loyalty scheme where you earn points on every bet and these aquire over a short period of time to a decent free bet. However, this site dramatically changed when I started to do well and have a bit of luck. I managed to build my balance up to over 2500 with some very lucky football bets and after a lucky weekend I went to put on a Monday night accum only to find my max bet allowed was 1p, yes 1p. When I contacted them initially they said it was their traders and nothing to do with customer services and then after some gentle pushing they quoted some small print about basically they can do what they want. I asked for one reason why they were doing this and their response was that they were unlikely to revert any changes made.

Scam Site Don’t Waste Your Time

No other company has done this before. I thank them and hope it continues. They will make it very easy for you to deposit but wont allow you to withdraw your winnings.

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I get that companies don’t like losing your business and want to keep you like cable tv sky virgin media or whoever but people don’t commit suicide over losing a tv package they do over gambling. Perhaps I was just lucky cryptocurrency but I only ever had one problem. It was sorted out speedily by their customer service, who were quite polite, friendly and extremely helpful. When it came to withdrawals they were in my account the very same day.

Betsafe Review

I lost another $1,000 on their casinos because they wouldn’t let me withdraw my money and I kept gambling , although that’s my fault, but they wouldn’t let me withdraw and asked me for a statement that doesn’t exist. I explained to at least 5 different people in their live support of this problem, and they were unable to come up with a solution or let go of my money. My money is still stuck there and my balance is at 940 dollars.

Dedication To Profit For People Is Rare

I have no problem providing photo ID etc, like every other site on the internet is happy with, but stamped bank statements? Next they’ll be asking for a signed note from your grandma.

Author: Adrian Zmudzinski

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