A prominent motif that emerged out-of respondents’ interview try the significance out of news character models on the identities

A prominent motif that emerged out-of respondents’ interview try the significance out of news character models on the identities

Inspiring pride

Of numerous participants (n = 8) demonstrated their role designs when it comes to its self-confident properties. Such, Dave step one (forty, Latina American, gay) discussed their really love regarding publicly homosexual former Colorado Condition Representative Glen Maxey with regards to “brand new fire in the attention additionally the interests in his sight” and Alejandro (23, Latino, gay) appreciated Univision news point Jorge Ramos given that “extremely glamorous, most winning, spoke extremely fluently and also eloquently.” Therefore, the positive features of their part patterns impacted participants in almost any implies. Alejandro or any other members particularly remembered trying to imitate its role patterns. For example, whenever detailing the woman youthfulness role model, Superman, Steph (30, Light, lesbian) told me you to definitely “I imagined I got an enormous crush to the your, however it looks like I desired to-be him, therefore yeah, which had been quite important once the for some time indeed there I imagined We you will definitely fly.” Almost every other respondents plus showcased exactly how their part patterns served because present off fuel, especially in reference to its GLB label. Particularly, Megan (23, White, lesbian), as well as other respondents, cited Ellen https://datingmentor.org/lgbt/ DeGeneres as the a positive influence on this lady life and said, “I experienced certain strength out-of viewing just what she managed to create.” Ergo, we come across evidence of two types of character that have media role designs in participants’ responses. Steph’s reaction looks a whole lot more in line with wishful identity, while Megan’s appears significantly more consistent with resemblance identity, suggesting you to definitely both types is influential so you can GLB identity ( Feilitzen & Linne, 1975 ). Yet not, future research is had a need to describe how these two brand of identity services one of GLB someone. General, such results indicate that positive mass media character designs swayed of many respondents’ identities when it is admirable data who specific people emulated and whom offered strength for other professionals.

These types of findings also are in keeping with those of Lockwood and Kunda (1997 ), whom shown that motivation is an important reason for role activities when people perceive themselves to get exactly like the part habits. Actually, users in the current data generally entitled GLB media data since its character habits, assuming they did not identity GLB role activities, they often titled role habits with just who they otherwise recognized, suggesting that GLB some one tends to be passionate from the part habits who they understand are similar to themselves. Of numerous members and talked about particularly seeking to emulate their character models, such as for instance since people and you will adolescents. It wanting is in line with search exhibiting one children, teens, and you will young people commonly emulate their favorite media figures too because embrace brand new media figures’ thinking and you may identity services ( Boon & Lomore, 2001 ; Matthews, 2003 ).

Delivering comfort

Along with sharing just how the character patterns performed given that general sources of pleasure and you can determination, respondents as well as discussed how these types of role designs swayed the identity innovation and you may future-aside processes specifically. One-way where respondents’ part models or other GLB news figures impacted these procedures is of the helping since the sourced elements of spirits having participants (n = 5). Interestingly, GLB media numbers got which impression even if the GLB letters were not represented during the a positive white. Including, the first thoughts of any gay exposure throughout the news to own Brian (30, White, gay) are his contact with anti-homosexual religious tracts. But not, the guy said that “even though it was such as for instance extremely bad-it was an extremely negative nothing pamphlet-it actually was calming.” Indeed, it seems that for most participants, any GLB exposure from the mass media was relaxing. On the words from Mary (51, Light, lesbian):

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